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By Maria A. Pugliese, M.D.

May 2021 has been named Mental Health Awareness Month. We all want good mental health but what exactly is that?

The best definition I have found is that of the World Health Organization (WHO):

“Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”

COVID-19 has certainly affected the mental health of us all. It has been a challenging two years in many ways:

By Maria A. Pugliese, MD

How did I get interested in Tic Disorders and make treating them one of the passions of my psychiatric practice? My husband and I were at a group meeting at an adoption agency waiting for a second child when they passed out papers that had all types of medical disorders and social situations. They asked which ones in the child or birth parents would be acceptable to you and which ones would not be acceptable. One lady stood up and said that none of them would be acceptable. I laughed and said that all of…

By Haily Cramer — RN

The diagnosis of cancer is life-changing. Not only that, but a majority of us will encounter the diagnosis of cancer in our lifetime- which is thought to be about half of US and UK citizens.[1]

A cancer diagnosis not only affects the patient, but it affects their families as well. How will patients manage the cost? What type of treatment should be done? Can family members be around the person with cancer while they are undergoing treatment?

The above questions are just a few of the many swirls of fears and concerns that flood a…

By Sagar Gupta, M.D.

Nephrology (​Nephros ​= ​kidney, ​the suffix -logy​ = ​​the study of) is ​a branch of medicine specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. A Nephrologist is a doctor that specializes in treating conditions affecting the functioning of kidneys.

What are the diseases treated by a nephrologist?​

Some of the medical conditions that a nephrologist specializes in are:

​- Chronic kidney disease: Impairment in kidney function/ structure or urine composition that has persisted for more than three months

​- ​ Acute kidney injury: new stress on functioning of the kidneys

​- Patients on dialysis (hemodialysis…

By Haily Cramer — RN

There’s no denying surgery can be stressful. We’ve all heard horror stories and have watched what can go wrong in a procedure according to movies and medical dramas. In the real world, does this actually happen? Are doctors and nurses really telling us the truth when it comes to surgery?

Here are 10 questions patients have timidly asked me as a surgery nurse that we all worry about, but are often too afraid to ask.

“My friend/family member recommended I get ‘this’ for anesthesia. Why doesn’t my anesthesiologist let me choose?” Honest Answer:

Patients worry…

By Shirin Karimi Hund, M.D.

When you fill-up your car’s gas tank, do you ever stop to think about what type of gas you are purchasing? Probably not. If you are a responsible car owner, you likely know which type of gasoline is appropriate for your car…and you don’t deviate.

If gasoline is the essential fuel that drives the car, how is the food any different when it comes to our bodies and health? …

By Dr. Anup A. Vora

The healthcare system is facing an epic and unprecedented disaster with the COVID-19 outbreak, which threatens to overwhelm our ability to provide critical life-saving care as the number of confirmed cases continues to rise. In the urology space, there has been a sudden shift to emergency care only, as elective surgeries have been halted to preserve the healthcare system’s resources. The emergence of telemedicine and telehealth platforms now offer vital resources to healthcare professionals in helping them manage these challenges in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The primary threat government and public health officials must…

By Shirin Karimi Hund, M.D.

In this unprecedented time in which the discovery of the novel Coronavirus and the ensuing pandemic has captured the world’s attention and health, the global population’s day-to-day life has been temporarily but drastically altered. Our typical routine of leaving the house for eight hours to attend to our work or school duties has been replaced by the monotonous grind of homeschooling and trying to connect to Skype and Zoom conference calls. One easily slides into this new routine, exchanging formality for comfort. Monday through Friday is differentiated by the varying colors of comfortable workout. Instead…

Medical Second Opinions can reduce the burden on healthcare systems. —

In this article, I have listed a few reasons you should get a second opinion about your condition.

Googling and YouTubing Symptoms:

Let’s face it, most of us Google our symptoms, watch countless YouTube videos, and try to self-diagnose our diseases. There is nothing wrong with it until you give it the status of an actual diagnosis.

We can’t blame ourselves for this behavior. Google has a significant importance in our lives. We use Google to get from one point to another, to control our phones (unless you are an Apple fan, but you get the point). With all these…


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